Director of Finance and Administration

The Director of Finance and Administration is one of the Directorates set up by CHUR. The planning activities are the corn stone of any institution and of CHUR in particular because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This Directorate is operating under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor and it contains three offices: planning, production and partnership offices. The main responsibilities allocated to this directorate are hereunder:

    Duties and responsibilities
    • Coordinate budget preparation and its execution
    • Coordinate the preparation of the draft budget involving all units in the organisation
    • Monitoring the annual operating budgets, and control its execution in compliance with the public finance rules and procedures
    • Prepare annual periodic cash follow plans
    • Prepare periodic fund requests
    • Ensure proper receipt and custody of funds, supported by appropriate vouchers
    • Coordinate procurement of goods and services
    • Provide guidelines in the public procurement process, and establish a sound tendering system
    • Supervise the preparation of procurement plans
    • Coordinate Payments for goods and services
    • Check conformity and accuracy of payments requests
    • Ensure disbursement of funds is supported by appropriate vouchers
    • Set up a system to ensure safe custody of payments vouchers
    • Supervise financial management and reporting
    • Ensure strong Internal Control system in the CHUR
    • Oversee the management of human, material and financial resources of the CHUR
    • Assess performance of the staff of the unit and coordinate assessment of performance of the CHUR
    • Liaise with the Internal and External Audit and assist them in their respective functions
    • Coordinate the annual training plan of the institution
    • Supervise the functioning of CHUR Staff