Directorate of ICT

ICT Manager

Academic Freedom is central to the mission of higher education. Therefore, Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) respects and encourages free exchange and debate of ideas, including electronic interchanges and all manner of electronic inquiry and publishing in a manner that complies with CHUR policy and regulations. Within this context, CHUR provides access to Computing and Communications Resources to students, staff and surrounding community to support its Learning, Research and Service to the Community missions.

Duties and responsibilities
  • Work on various IT developmental programs that would help CHUR reach newer heights and take care that all the programs and projects are designed from the point of view of achieving its goals and objectives.
  • Approve and monitor major projects, IT budgets, priorities, standards, procedures, and overall IT performance.
  • Set annual targets related to IT operations and monitor the overall performance of the entire department.
  • Review the adequacy and allocation of IT resources in terms of funding, personnel, equipment, and service levels
  • Monitor network security and supervise the entire network system of CHUR.
Facilities to students and the surrounding community

Apart from computer laboratories used during lectures and computers available in Libraries, an Electronic Library has been set up in CHUR-Kigali and Karongi Campus. Its purpose is to facilitate students to perform their researches by:

  • Consulting online documentation
  • Downloading syllabuses
  • Getting updated timetables and other important communications from CHUR
  • Sending course works to lecturers
CHUR helps the community as follows:

In CHUR E-library, services like printing, scanning, binding, learning computer skills and use of internet are also offered to people from the outside of CHUR. Charges differ depending upon the rendered service. Our services are cheaper.

Cyber café

In collaboration with the Office of Ombudsman Rwanda, a cyber café has been opened to serve people to pass information in case of corruption or any other kind of injustice. CHUR has volunteers from the Anti-corruption Club who help individuals to create and send e-mails to the office of Ombudsman.