Department of English and French

Programme description and objectives

The English-French option is in the Faculty of Education one of the faculties of Christian University of Rwanda. The undergraduate program in English-French, which leads to the Bachelor Degree with Honors of English-French in Education, is assigned to prepare students for a variety of career opportunities especially in teaching of English and English in secondary school. The students are prepared to manage training centres of languages. Educational managerial skills are also provided in these programs to prepare students on the classrooms management and leadership. The learning and teaching process approach of the Christian University of Rwanda is competence and skills based. Students will be prepared to conduct and lead research in the field of English-French in education domain.
This program comes to contribute to the implementation of the key the Five year program for priority skills development to deliver the EDPRS2 produced by the Ministry of public services and labour (2013) showed the need of this domain of English – French to facilitate regional and international business. Therefore, schools that develop skills in languages needs qualified students in the domain. Because of the languages challenges in schools, the CHUR will contribute to the production of national mentors in English-French.

Integration of English-French option in the social and economic development of Rwanda.
Skill Development:
Through teaching, research, and outreach services, the CHUR trains students at national and regional levels. The program features the following areas:
  • Languages learning and teaching approaches and strategies.
  • Special methodology for learning and teaching of French and English.
  • Research in languages learning and teaching.
  • Working in public and private services.
Research Facilities

The delivery of this program will be based on practical and field works to support lectures in class. 70% of the content of the program will be practical and will use surrounding community as the centre of analysis. Practices from level one to level five will prepare student to an expertise in research in the field of Languages, especially, in English-French.

Entrepreneurial and business development.
Graduates from the English-French department should be able to:
  • Create business oriented in the field of languages. This will contribute to the quality of learning and teaching of languages, and respond to the Rwandans needs. It was observed that around the Rwanda they are centre of English – French created by no qualified human resources, therefore, this programs comes to eradicate this challenges and produce qualified people in learning and teaching of languages.
  • Producing audio-visual materials of teaching and learning of languages.
  • Work in centre of foreign languages.
  • Get involved in consultancy services, in training teachers on specific language issues, in education, seminars and conferences.
Job opportunities
Graduates in Education, French-English option should assume the following functions:
  • Teachers of languages in secondary schools.
  • Conception and evaluation of language programs.
  • Heading centre of languages
  • Employee in languages organizations

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