Department of Kinyarwanda and Swahili

Programm description and objectives

The Kinyarwanda-Swahili option is in the Faculty of Education and Mass Communication as one of the faculties of Christian University of Rwanda. The undergraduate program in Kinyarwanda-Swahili, which leads to the Bachelor of Education with Honors, is assigned to prepare students for a variety of career opportunities especially in Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili teaching. Methods and principles of learning – teaching and approaches in languages and Education, are the major components of the option. In addition, the modules are focused on teaching, research, and working in public and private services and in different domains related to languages. In order to be awarded a Bachelor of Education with Honors, students should successful complete all the modules required, involving practices, internship and final dissertation.

Integration of Kinyarwanda-Kiswahili option in the social and economic development of Rwanda
Skill Development:
Through teaching, research, and outreach services, the CHUR trains students at national and regional levels.The program features the following areas:
  • Teaching and training process, principles, methods and approaches.
  • Special teaching of Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili;
  • Research in regional languages;
  • Working in public and private services.
Research Facilities
Depending on the area of specialization of the Kinyarwanda-Kiswahili option, students may research in secondary schools, media and communication institutions, language clubs, language laboratories, higher education institution, etc.
Entrepreneurial and business development
Graduates from the Kinyarwanda-Kiswahili department should be able to:
  • Create private schools,
  • Design films and cinema
  • Organize language clubs
  • Work in media and communication institutions
  • Get involved in consultancy services, in training teachers on specific language issues, in education, seminars and conferences.
Job opportunities
Graduates in Education, Kinyarwanda-Kiswahili option should assume the following functions:
  • Teaching languages in secondary schools
  • Conception and evaluation of language programs
  • Researchers in linguistics and literature
  • Advisers and guides in primary and secondary schools.
  • Headmasters in primary or secondary schools
  • Head of studies in secondary schools
  • Journalists
  • Employees in media and communication institutions

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