The 1st Meeting CHUR-Board of Directors

On 1st April 2017,At Karongi Campus of Christian University,Held a 1st Meeting of Board of directors and other Authorities of CHUR in order to plan the functionalities of the Univeristy.In Pictures you will see :

  • Dr Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI-President
  • Prof. Chrysologue KUBWIMANA - Chairman
  • Mrs Maire MUKANTABANA - Vice Charperson
  • Dr Sebastien GASANA - Vice Chancellor and Secretary of Board of Directors
  • Dr Yves Valentin KANEZA - Member of Board
  • Mrs Speciose AYINKAMIYE - Member of Board
  • Mr Charles SERUSHYANA - Director of Finance
  • Eng. Olivier MBONYINSHUTI - Director of ICT and Lecturers Representative.

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