-   Today on 03rd March 2017,The President of Christian University of Rwanda Dr Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI has received in his office the Director General of Morocco Exports Madam ZAHRA Maafini along with some Staffs of African Business Connect,Soukiana AKRATE (Export Advisor Markets Section),LAMIA Bouzbouz and SANAE Lahlou(Directors of Markets), The visit to our University was to discuss on the cooperation of CHUR and both organizations in regards of promoting education projects mainly that of Christian University of Rwanda.For more in picturesClick here

-   On 1st April 2017,At Karongi Campus of Christian University,Held a 1st Meeting of Board of directors and other Authorities of CHUR in order to plan the functionalities of the Univeristy.For more Click here

-   1st Meeting between CHUR-Karongi Statts and students held on 01/Novmber/2016,the meeting was for thanking all registered students and welcome them to the campus and share with them some information related to Christian University of Rwanda and announce the scheduled date of starting the academic year 2016-2017.For more information and pictures Click here

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