Faculty of Arts,Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Mass Communication


Technology is transforming the communication industries in ways not previously seen. The Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR), Faculty of Arts, Socio-Sciences, through its two departments as School of Mass Communication (SMC) and the “Innovative Public Relations Centre” is embracing these changes, creating a hub of innovative digital laboratories, convergent newsrooms and media properties, and embracing an integrated curriculum that enables its students to graduate ready to harness the potential of digital media for both journalism and strategic communication. Read More

Department of Journalism


The programme will build core competences to work in media houses, enter policy research, development studies in the field, or indeed pursue higher studies to go on to being teachers and researchers in the field. It will allow students to acquire technical skills in various areas of mass journalism, theoretical knowledge and perspectives which determine their nature and use, and a historical and social understanding of their dynamics, which is so important in a metamorphosing, unequal, globalized world where the power and ownership of the means of communication may change the fate of nations. Read More

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