The University

Senior Personalities of the University

Onesphore Rwaje

Most Rev Archbishop Dr. Onesphore RWAJE

Chancellor - CHUR

Dr.Pierre Damien

Dr.Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI

President of Board of Trustees

Dr.Pierre Damien

Prof Dr KUBWIMANA Chrysologue

Chairman,Board of Directors

Dr.Sebastien gasana

Dr.Sebastien GASANA

Vice-Chancellor CHUR

Prof Dr A Subbiah


Advisor to CHUR

About The Emblem

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The University emblem symbolises

About The University

The idea of setting up the University comes from a group of former lecturers in Higher Education Institutions. They wanted to pursue their contribution to the education sector while associating Christian and civic values such as God fearing, patriotism, integrity, mutual respect, passion, accountability, discipline, tolerance, humility, excellence, and the like with advancement of scientific knowledge in the area of IT and Computer Science, Agriculture and Rural Development, Business, Infrastructure, Trade and Investment, Hospitality and Tourism, Education, Mass communication and Journalism.

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It is through association of these different values that the University borrows its name of CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA (CHUR in short form).

CHUR is thought to be a higher learning institution dedicated to bring quality, excellence and affordability to the population of Rwanda and beyond. Its vision is “to be a fountain of knowledge and wisdom that produces excellent, visionary, skilled, proactive, hardworking and transformative leaders”.


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