CHUR Vision, Mission, Goals and Core Values


The vision of the Christian University of Rwanda is to be a fountain of knowledge and wisdom that will produce excellent, God fearing, visionary, skilled, proactive, hardworking and transformative leaders.


The mission of Christian University of Rwanda is to be a Centre of learning and innovations, preparing students for academic pursuits with Christian ethics and Human values, professional skills and responsible global citizenship, extending the frontiers of knowledge through research, creative works and use of information and communication technology. The University intends to foster an intellectual culture that bridges theory with practices, contributing to social, economic and cultural development of Rwanda, the region and beyond.


The main goals of the Christian University of Rwanda (CHUR) are:

  1. To train and produce skilled professionals with ethical values that meet the current and projected capacity needs of Rwanda, the Region and global market.
  2. To promote research, science and technology in order to accelerate and strengthen the social and economic development to meet the community needs.
  3. To foster entrepreneurial skills and capacity building for students, allowing becoming creative and innovative for the country’s social and economic transformation
  4. To contribute to the community welfare through partnership, technology transfer and services devilry.
  5. To offer consultancy services, conduct seminars, workshops, conferences and short courses


In order to realize the above vision, mission and goals, the university commits itself to uphold the following core values:

  1. Patriotism
  2. Integrity
  3. Excellence
  4. Innovation